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Hoshizaki Water Valves
Ice Machine Model #  Mfr. Number Part Number
KM-500  J248-033 3U0111-03
KM-630  J248-032 3U0111-02
KM-800 J248-032 3U0111-02
KM-900 J248-032 3U0111-02
KM-1200 J248-030 3U0111-01
KM-1300 J248-030 3U0111-01
KM-1600 J248-030 3U0111-01
KM-1800 J248-106 3U0136-01
KM-2000 J248-106 3U0136-01
KM-2400 J248-106 3U0136-01
KML-450 J248-072 3U0111-04
KML-600 J248-033 3U0111-03

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